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Animals surround us everywhere and are considered to be the source of genuine happiness for humans. We created this site in order to learn together how to co-exist with them, how we should understand them, care for them and how to save them. We are going to reveal everything you ever wanted to know about this fabulous kingdom of animals.

Frendie pets
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If this site helps you better understand your puppies, kittens, other pets, wild animals and nature in general, then we, as the creators of this site, will feel absolutely proud of the work we did for you.

As someone said once, “We may have several pets throughout our lives, but we are the only masters and friends they will ever have.” In reality, animals consider us more as a constant threat than a peaceful friend.

Animals learn a lot from us and now it is time to learn much from them. Learn how to understand the world, how to fight for each other and how to live peacefully side by side.

If you have any suggestions to make on how to improve our site, how to make it more interesting and how to develop the site into something of further value, feel free to contact us any time! We will be happy to receive feedback from you!

Pets are friends
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