About Us and Our Pets

Best Friends

Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you to our community. 

We invite you to share useful information on how to make us and our pets healthier and happier.

Lets guide each other on how to grow our puppies and kittens into strong lovely dogs and cats.

We also hope to build a strong community sharing common values.

Our values are simple:

  1. Love to all living beings.
  2. Protection and responsible approach to all animals.
  3. We commit to take care of our pets.

Also, we want to build awareness on those who carelessly use animals to their advantage. Puppy mills is one example.

We want to give you more information on animal shelters, how to adopt puppies and take a kitten home.

We want you to know, that those are great places to find a loving loyal friend.

With warmest regards,

SnowySwan Team

SnowySwan Team
Alina Smi, Project Manager