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Antioch Animal Services represent the facility aimed at hosting animals for further adoption. It is a part of Antioch Animal Services aimed at promoting animal welfare and public awareness resulting in peaceful co-living of people and animals.

Antioch Animal Services is part of the Antioch Police Department, which is responsible for enforcing state, and local laws, public safety and caring for animals kept in a shelter. The service is available for Antioch residents 24/7. The city of Antioch operates an animal shelter that provides care for lost, unwanted and homeless animals found within the city.



Phone numbers:

  • 925-779-6989 for General information; it is possible to leave a message and receive a return call.
  • 925-779-6984 Complaint line for events regarding a non-emergency animal matter.
  • 925-778-2441 Police emergency after hours line for situations involving an aggressive, sick or injured animal.

Phone hours:

  • Antioch animal shelter
    Kitties play

    Tuesday-Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Open to public:

  • Tuesday – Thursday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

License information:

  • 1-year unaltered – $38
  • 1-year altered – $18
  • 2-year unaltered – $67
  • 2-year altered – $33
  • 3-year unaltered – $102
  • 3-year altered – $48

Licenses issued for dogs owned by senior citizens of the city come at 50% discount off the above rates. Price for microchips for cats and dogs is $22 for Antioch residents and $27 for non-residents. Mircrochip comes with the implant and registration on the Animal Shelter Database.

Owners may also register their pets with HomeAgain Pet Recovery by sending $14.99 annually.

To learn more about purchasing a pet license, call Antioch’s Pet Licensing Service at 1-877-238-2698 and visit

Antioch Shelter Information

Antioch Shelter houses all animals indoors in a heated/air conditioned facility. Visitors may attend the room in which they can meet and interact with animals. Shelter also has a grooming room and a fenced exercise yard. The Antioch Shelter favors adoption and if you want to find and adopt a pet, it is recommended to read the following information:

  • You may come during operational hours and see any pet out of its cage. Please ask an Animal Services volunteer or a staff member to help you. Note also one thing: if you already have a dog at home and want to get another, it is recommended to bring your dog to the shelter so that two future mates meet each other and get acquainted.
  • You may take your new pet home right away. However, the law requires presenting a landlord’s approval prior to any adoption. According to California State Law, all males and females correspondingly must be neutered and spayed before they are brought home. If you decided to adopt an adult pet, you can take it right away!
  • Animals need vaccination. All cats kept in shelter receive the FVRCP vaccination before leaving which will cost you $16. Cats and dogs over the age of 4 months undergo vaccination against rabies, which costs $16. All pets require an array of shots that you may learn more about when consulting with your veterinarian (see also Puppy vaccination schedule and costs).Adopt not shop
  • Adoption is not free, but it is several times cheaper than buying a pet at pet stores or at breeder’s. For cats and dogs, the shelter charges $17 as an adoption fee. You are also required to pay for microchipping and vaccinations. If the pet has to undergo spaying/neutering, you will have to cover all surgical expenses as well.
  • Cat adoption costs: $17 as adoption fee + $16 FVRCP vaccination fee + $16 rabies vaccination fee (if cat is over 4 months old) + additional fee for the spaying/neutering.
  • Dog adoption costs: $17 as adoption fee + $16 DHPP vaccination fee + $16 Bordetella vaccination fee + $16 rabies vaccination fee (if dog is over 4 months old) + $22 microchip fee + additional fee for the spaying/neutering. If you are an Antioch resident, you will also be required to purchase a 1-year dog license worth $18.
  • Small animals like hamster and rabbit adoption costs – $12.

Animal shelter of Antioch encourages residents of the city to volunteer at Animal Services and the shelter facility as well. Feel free to come and ask about pets available for adoption as well as opportunities for volunteering and working with lovely pets!