Perfect setup for crate training

Crate Training a Puppy: How to’s, at Night

After a long day of hard work, or even hard partying, we look forward to retreating into a private place—our own space in the...
Happy kids

Adopt a Puppy

Puppy adoption is the way to get yourself a dog that you’ve been dreaming about for long. You may have already learned that, pet...
Playing french bulldog puppies

French Bulldog Puppies: Types, Temperament, How to’s

French bulldog puppies are very cute critters. Just look at them: robust, short, wide muzzle, hilarious expression and overwhelming curiosity; these traits have earned...
Puppy Plays on Grass

Puppies: How to Choose, Care, and Train

It can be an extremely emotional, life-changing event to select a new dog. The cute wagging tail, the puppy eyes gazing lovingly at you...
Stop barking puppy training

Puppy Obedience Training: How to and Tips

Puppy obedience training is the routine that all puppies should undergo. The aim of training a dog is best described…by its name, Obedience! It’s...
How to convince your parents to get a dog

How to Convince Your Parents to Have a Dog

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog So, your birthday is coming up again, and it'll be your third birthday already since you...

Dog Escapes From Cage

My dog Tucker figured out a way to get out of his cage. He apparently does this every single day.
Puppy and its food

Best Puppy Food: How Much, Schedule, Tips and Tricks

Hello! I’m your beloved puppy and I guess you have noticed how agitated I am. I’m not like some ambulant obnoxious cats who reckon...
Dog sits with human

Leash Training a Puppy: Complete Guide

The puppy walking on a leash is an example of a properly trained dog. Leash training a puppy is the necessary means of control;...
Reality of puppy mills

Puppy Mills: Facts, Outlawing, What to Do

Hi there! My name’s Alex and I’m the proud owner of dog. Jeb is a 1-year-old Rottweiler and is already a mean machine weighing...