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Person with a story about his cat or dog

Want to share a story about your pet?

You are very welcome. Our life experiences are priceless.

Please, don’t hesitate if you have a story to tell. Send us a message!


You have a website and would love to share some information on kittens and puppies?

We can make original content directly for your website, targeted at your audience.

It can be:

  • infographics with cute pictures of kittens and puppies and introductory text
  • list of how to, why, when, where and questions of any kind connecting with any aspect of how pets influence our lives

Please, just send us a small introductory letter. And let’s discuss the details!

NGO or Charity

You are addressing any kind of problem connected with animals.

We can take your material and publish it on our website.

Please, write a few words about the problem. And we will figure out how to help.

We want to make this world better for all living beings.

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