Free Kittens: Why, Where and How to Get Them

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Getting a kitten is a very responsible undertaking that can be best described as a breaking point of your life. Once you bring a little ball of fur, prepare a camera to shoot the picturesque moments of awesome fun soon to happen – your life won’t be the same again.

Free Kittens

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You should know that all cats of the same breed share the same traits of character and behavior but every can is eventually unique. They develop special sounds to announce their presence to us while normally they keep silence while being left with their mates. Cats are highly adaptive creatures that show the ultimate ability to live and thrive whenever they are. But if you want to raise an exemplary cat to be not just a perfect representative of the feline family but a genuine friend with outstanding traits of character, you should surround the kitten with proper care. In this article, we are going to reveal all aspects of upbringing a kitten but the main focus will fall on getting free kittens.

Reasons for Getting a Free Kitten

Getting a kitten for free is not something one should be ashamed of. In our world where boundaries and limits exist only in the minds of people, there is plenty of space for great deeds and the good. People evolutionarily got used to living side-by-side with different animals that were originally and still are big helpers. Dogs used to help while hunting and still do so, cattle served and keeps on serving as the source of renewable food (milk and dairy products) and the cats became the ultimate companions. Their popularity was once so high that in Ancient Egypt they were praised and earned the title of inviolable animal of the Gods of the Egyptian pantheon. During the Middle Ages, the cat was a sidekick of medicasters that were erroneously proclaimed as apprentices of the Devil himself and were prosecuted by the Church and the Holy inquisition. Cats have seen ups and downs in the history of mankind and have proved their devotion and role in our daily life and the daily comfort.

Today’s world is a place where everybody needs somebody for love and care and if you don’t have anyone (not yet) who will care about you, you can always get a kitten. Many people think that it is a great idea but facing the necessity of constant care and responsibility that they have never seen before, they face the reality and get rid of cats. Poor creatures that depend on humans are thrown away like some old shoes or cloth. Unfortunately, it is still common, but we have a hope in this battle against deprivation and abandonment – shelters, animal shelters.

You should also keep in mind that every kitten taken for free is another life saved

Throughout the nation, there exist thousands of shelters wheremillions of animals are kept. And cats make a big part of these shelters’ population. Cats and kittens of all kinds and breeds dwellthere waiting for their hour of good luck and happiness to

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come. Would you like to brighten up your day and help a poor critter get a new home and new family where it will be cared about more and better than any time before? Shelters wait for your decisiveness and are always open to help you find the kitten that will stay with you for years. This desire to help poor animals, save innocent lives and help your life gain more sense and turn all your destiny on the bright side – isn’t it a reason for getting a free kitten? You may find these lines above way too “dramatical” but just think a bit – you have always wanted a kitten and now you can get him for free! Isn’t it nice? You should also keep in mind that every kitten taken for free (or adopted from a shelter) is another life saved…

Where to Find a Free Kitten

Free kittens are relatively easy to find as they spawn everywhere and in abundance. You may be walking down the street passing abandoned construction site and hear piercing screams of baby kittens. Mother cats can have babies almost anywhere this is why you may notice homeless cats wandering around. There is a possibility of coming across a litter of kittens left alone by its mother and you may come up with an idea of getting one but it is strongly recommended not to act impulsively and not to shelter kittens at home. There is a chance that their mother may return and find kitten(s) missing and you won’t be able to return kitten back. You may ease their life by feeding their mother and creating some sort of a sleeping crate for the feline family out of old fruit crate upholstered with old cloth.

All you need is free cat
All you need is free cat

Free kittens sometimes are published in different ads and usually have price tags. Their owners may charge you a token payment or a rather serious price, depending on the origin of the kittens and its breed. What kind of ads you should consider first are those that offer “common” kittens with no distinct traits of any breed or better say – with no pedigree behind. Such kittens will grow into adorable adult cats and their conformity to a certain breed doesn’t have so much impact as you may think. Eventually, it’s we – owners, who influence the character of the growing kitten (read more about where to get a free kitten)

Another and more favorable option is visiting the local animal

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shelter. Shelters are scattered all across the States and you have a great chance of coming across the cat love of your life in a shelter located right in your area. If you are searching for a free kitten, you may have no money for the purchase or you intend on adopting the kitten following own best intentions – you may have any reason for adopting a kitten. Shelters are always eager to meet your needs and help you around the facility, acquainting you with people working there and, of course, the pets, which are kept in a shelter. We suggest you go directly to the shelter near you and come back with a kitten as soon as possible! But before you do it, let’s speak about the adoption you are about to do.

Adopting a Kitten

Once you have decided to adopt a kitten, you should understand that shelter won’t give you any kitten only because you like him and you are ready to take care of him. His previous owners had the same intentions and maybe even swore but failed to be the exemplary owners eventually. Adopting a kitten may be free or cost you small money (a fee that is charged to support the shelter, buy food for animals and get them cured) but it is a bit more complicated than you may imagine. First of all, prepare the proofs of your solvency/financial independence: any bills recently paid, an excerpt from your account, photos of your house/apartment and your family – anything may serve as a prove of your good intentions. You must prove that you won’t repeat the mistakes of previous owners and the poor kitten will find a new family that will be caring for him for years to come.

There is also a vital point of adoption – signing special papers stating that the kitten cannot be sold, mistreated otherwise you may get serious troubles with the law. Such contracts defend the rights of animals but are not so widespread as shelters more rely on the sincerity of adopters (seek more information about how to adopt a kitten).

Before adopting a particular kitten, you should visit him several times in the shelter that he is kept in, in order to make him get used to you, your voice and your smell. When visiting the kitten, you may take him, play with him and make inquiries about his history, his parents, diseases that he had previously and may be prone to. You

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may pick any kitten in the shelter but let’s act humanely and not be sorting out poor kittens like a posh cloth trying to find the most suitable, because first of all they are living  being. It cannot be said, that people working in the shelter won’t be of good opinion about you. When visiting a shelter, you will stumble upon many kittens that are waiting for their happy hour to be chosen and taken to a new home, to a new life. It is really hard to pick a particular kitten. But believe other people – your heart will tell you which kitty to choose. Choosing a kitten based on his health, appearance and features like coat condition, presence/absence of defects is justified when buying a kitten at some cattery but when choosing a free kitten before adopting him, it may be considered as bad taste and you will be regarded as someone who is too picky or “is looking a gift horse in the mouth”. Should you see a kitten, the one and only that you will eventually adopt, believe the experience of hundreds of other adopters – you will fall in love with him at once!

Adoption is the best way to get a free kitten

If you don’t know where to find a shelter, consider looking through the following sites:

Adoption is the best way to get a free kitten and it is also an act of pure benevolence that will show your determination of becoming a caring and devoted cat fancier. Good luck!