Free Puppies: Why, Where, and How

Free puppies: Charlize Theron with one of them
Theron is a huge animal advocate and has been very active in that arena. Tucker is actually her fourth rescue.

Owning a dog is one of the best things a man can do in his life, and yet it’s very educational too. A dog can be viewed not just as some living being, but as a great life experience as well. Just think about it: you become more responsible, you have someone to care about, you learn to live on schedule, and you have a soul mate who understands all of your feelings and who can feel as well. Unfortunately, dogs don’t speak, but it doesn’t make a bad interlocutor out of them. A dog is a genuine member of any family, no matter how big or small it may be. If you want to fulfill your life with new feelings and impressions, and change your mood towards constant happiness and joy, consider getting a dog. There are thousands of dogs out there who deserve to have owners, and to be loved and cared for. Although you can’t own them all and make every single one of them happy, you can make some unnamed puppy happy — and you will remember him for the rest of your life.

There exist dozens of different breeds, quite common and really extraordinary in their look and behavior. Most of them are sold freely in the country while some are brought from overseas, but then there are the nameless little critters that you can get for free! In this article we are going to answer several questions concerning free puppies.

Why Get Free Puppies

The answer to this question is really simple: why not?! Getting puppies for free is not as impossible as winning the lottery. It is as real as becoming a responsible dog owner. Despite the fact that we all live during the century of pure commerce and capitalism, not everything can be or must be bought. We make garage sales simply to get rid of something we no longer need by giving it to those in need, and dogs are not an exception, but why would someone want to get rid of a dog? The answer may have different points, both positive and sad.

They may be forgotten, thrown out, hurt, and even on their own from now on.

True love
This is true love
  • The owner can no longer keep his dog at home due to financial or health issues.
  • There are too many puppies in the litter so there is nothing bad in an attempt to sell several puppies or just give them away for free to someone who will care for.
  • The dog owner is leaving his country for permanent residence overseas and wants his dog to be happy with someone else who he can trust his dog to.

There may be different reasons, but we don’t judge them. It’s just someone’s life and circumstances that may be too challenging. When the problem is solved, there is always someone who got hurt accidentally or simply forgotten. Unfortunately, it is always a dog, whether adult or puppy. They may be forgotten, thrown out, hurt, and even on their own from now on. Luckily, legislation helps homeless animals to be kept in better conditions than the dangerous streets could ever present them with (ASPCA Shelter Intake statistics). They are put into shelters and pet shops that provide them with decent conditions. Of course, home conditions with relatively absolute freedom are not the same as some cage in a shop or shelter, but it is way better than the doom some other “not so lucky” animals are about to face.

Free puppies can be so cute
How does it do that? Amazing

If you want to welcome a dog into your life, you can buy him as a puppy or get him for free. There is nothing to be ashamed of when taking a puppy for free. In fact, you should consider it a noble act because you gave a second chance to someone who needs it more than anybody else. Any puppy, whether bought or taken from a shelter, can grow into a clever, understanding and devoted friend. What it takes is just being responsible and caring, following a feeding/washing/training/walking/veterinary check-up schedule, and helping your puppy socialize in a different environment. You may have a very expensive English Bulldog with a price tag easily reaching 3,000 USD, or have an ordinary unnoticeable mongrel that will be admired by everyone. All you need is to be responsible and not make the same mistakes as those who fail to be good owners. Here’s a helpful hint to consider: the “difficulty” of being a dog owner is just a word that some people put too much weight into. It is actually really simple.

Find Free Puppies Near Me

So you have decided to adopt a puppy and are now searching for free puppies. It is really simple to find a free one, but you should know specific places where you can find a free puppy. Trying a local pet shop is not a great option because 9 out of 10 pups sold there come from puppy mills. Puppy mills are a dirty business that pursues only lucrative goals and has nothing to do with the well-being of the animals sold. If you want to know more about mills, you can read the article and learn for yourself that getting a pet from a store is not the best option. In addition, pet shops don’t always provide good conditions for the animals being kept there. Therefore, diseases, malnutrition, and behavioral issues are rather common with animals sold in shops. Not all pet shops are fear factories, though! There are decent shops that really care not just for the sake of own their business image and profit, but for the quality of “goods” they provide. Respectable shops can always present you with all of the necessary documents concerning every animal being sold. Vaccinations, systematic feeding, washing, socializing with mates, and veterinary control are a must-to-rule that these shops constantly execute. From a financial point of view, buying a puppy at the store is not viable because possible yet-to-come costs of veterinary expenses may get too overwhelming. There is also a catch behind every purchase made in a pet store: every time someone buys a puppy, he only encourages the mill business to breed more dogs and unknowingly supports this large-scale animal abuse that makes almost 1 billion dollars every year, all over the nation.

Kitty and Jack Russel
Kitty the Cat and Buttons the Jack Russel think they’re sisters after being put together in Rescue Center.

If you are looking for a pet, a store is not an option. So what option is the best? Going to a shop that partners directly with animal shelters. Here are 5 pros for your visit to such a store or directly to a shelter:

All you have to do is pick one, sign the papers and sometimes pay an adoption fee

  • Shelters are often partially or completely sponsored by people who are not indifferent to animals’ lives. It means that people dedicate themselves completely to their care, and such irresponsibility as malnutrition or absence of vaccination can never happen within the shelter.
  • Every animal kept in a shelter is an animal saved from streets, awful owners, or puppy mills. These animals are now treated better than they ever have been, so there is a big chance that they can be cured and socialized in order to be transferred to new, more responsible and caring owners.
  • Shelters are always happy to meet new visitors who want to adopt an animal. People working in shelter will tell you everything you want to know about a particular puppy because behind every animal there is a big story full of deprivations, but with a promising second chance soon to be realized.

    Abused puppy was rescued and adopted
    A police officer rescued and adopted an abused puppy
  • Shelters can be found right within your area. You can learn more about shelters simply by googling “your area/state/city + animal shelter” or if you can visit websites such ascom or Sometimes a single visit to such a site can save a day of searches.
  • Adopting a puppy is a really simple thing to do. All you have to do is pick one, sign the papers and sometimes pay an adoption fee. The papers you are about to sign prohibit the breeding and re-sale of the dog. Failing to comply with the rules of adoption stated in the papers may get you in serious trouble. To be honest, it is the best thing that a shelter can do in order to ensure that the future of the puppy you are about to adopt will never be the same as it was in the past. The adoption fee is a small amount of money that the shelter charges you for preparing the adoption papers, or that is going to be contributed in order to maintain the facility and its “lodgers” who are waiting for their turn to be adopted.

How to Choose a Free Puppy

Now it’s time to pick your puppy, but do you know what to look for in a healthy pet? What indications may point to a bad health condition? Is it possible to choose a puppy with a great temperament? Picking a particular puppy that will stay with you for years is more challenging than looking for proper shelter. While your final decision may be one of the heart, it’s better to follow some suggestions that ensure the right choice. (Read also Puppies: How to Choose, Care, and Train).

  • Disposition and Age

The best age at which you should adopt a puppy is 8 weeks. At this time, puppies become self-reliant, aware of themselves and animals around them, try to socialize, and are very susceptible to good and bad experiences. If you notice that a pup is overly active or even aggressive, be sure that he’s really the pup you want. As an adult, his behavior will be no less energetic or “unsatisfying.” There is also a possibility that the puppy will be shaking, trembling, or refusing to come out of a corner while his other mates indulge in fun yelping and yapping. This indicates that (a) the puppy is timid due to noise around him or is of a breed where timidity is common or (b) it is his injured “psyche” that may have consequences in the future (it will take you more time to help the dog regain trust). The best choice is a puppy who reacts positively to affection, likes to play and craves your

First kiss
This awkward first kiss…


  • The head

Take the puppy and examine his head. His nose must be cool and damp, there must be no signs of discharge from his nose, no sores, no eye redness or tender ears, and he must wear no sign of scabs which usually mean some local infection. Open his cheek slightly and take a look at the gums. If they are white, it could possibly mean anemia or a worm infestation. White spots on the eyes mean serious problems. The eyelids must be pinkish and the ear canals must be odor-free. If the puppy shakes his head too often, scratches his eyes and maw, and is itching all over the body, it can only mean one thing – something is not right with pup’s health.

Puppy rescue mission
Puppy rescue mission raise money to bring soldiers’ dogs from Afghanistan to the USA to be re-united.
  • The body

When holding a puppy, touch his belly. A swollen stomach speaks for parasite infestation or poor diet. Listen to his heartbeat, as it must be strong and regular. Take a look at his coat. It must be clean and fluffy, and without any signs of sores, scratching, fleas and mites.

  • Muscles

Now check your puppy for structure. His legs must be formed and straight and the pup must walk and run without limpness and lameness. The puppy must have a waist that is not too thick nor too thin. Basically, you should feel the bones and ribs but not see them.

Now knowing how, where and what puppy to choose, you should probably read our article on how to welcome the puppy into his new home. Be gentle, be patient, and devote as much time as you can to him, and your puppy will grow into a dog that you will always be proud of. See also Housebreaking a Puppy: How to’s, the Best Way.



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