Housebreaking a Puppy: How to’s, the Best Way

Dear New Friend,

First of all, thank you for welcoming me into your life. I knew the moment you walked into the pet store that you wouldn’t be able to resist my charms!

You may feel nervous about housebreaking a puppy, and that is completely understandable. I know what being nervous feels like, so I want to let you know how I feel.

Remember your first day of college, where everything felt unfamiliar and strange, new and exciting? Remember when you found your dorm room and immediately checked out the little bathroom and beds? And when you met your roommate for the first time, remember how much you wanted to get along with them right away, and how much you secretly wanted them to like you back? Well, that is exactly how I feel right now. That is why I am writing you this letter. I hope this will help us put the best paw forward in our new potty-training adventures together.

How to Housebreak a Puppy (the Best Way)

            First off, you need to let go of stress and anxiety. I am extremely sensitive to your energy signals and your body language. If you feel anxious, I’ll tend to pick that up and feel the same way. It is better that we go through this process together in a happy, loving and supportive way.

A gentle “Go potty” in a calm, loving voice is enough to encourage me

I thrive on positive feedback. That’s how I know you are pleased with me, and I really do want to make you happy! You can help me a lot by setting up a routine that will, in time, become familiar to me. Routines make me feel safe and secure.

Every morning, please bring me out to our designated Potty Spot. If you keep bringing me to the same place at around the same time, I’ll know enough to mark the spot. One or two sniffs will be all it takes to prompt me to do my business easily and satisfyingly. I shall try my best to do it, but I do appreciate a reward or treat after. May I suggest a happy walk around the yard, or even the block, so we can explore the place together?

Also, please make sure not to leave me alone in the Potty Spot until I am completely potty-trained. I enjoy the sense of your presence nearby as I try to learn this new habit. A gentle “Go potty” in a calm, loving voice is enough to encourage me.

How Long to Housebreak a Puppy

I was used to doing it in my crate back at the pet store, so it may take me a while before I unlearn that and establish new habits. I promise that in four months I will become familiar with our everyday routine. I need to tell you, though, that some pups can take up to six months till they get the hang of it (my cousin Devon took a year, but he got it eventually and his Friend’s patience paid off well!). Get an additional information from Puppy Training: When, How to’s, Tips and Tricks.

Speaking of patience, I’ll need lots of it from you! I will make mistakes from time to time. There will be bad days when I might take longer than usual. Please do not rush me. If we can be consistent with this learning process, I can assure you I’ll be totally predictable with my potty habits (learn more from How to Potty Train a Puppy).

Some Tips and Tricks

Now let me share with you some important tips!

  • If ever I accidentally do it on your carpet or kitchen floor, and you catch me in the act, please alert me with a sound. Do not yell at me or punish me (Big Dogs&Huge Paws tells why you shouldn`t). That might cause me to get confused and sad. Instead, gently bring me to our Potty Spot again.
  • Please thoroughly cleanse the floor to remove any smell that might trigger another accident.
  • My bladder and digestive tract are still small, so they fill up quite quickly. Within thirty minutes after mealtime, please take me out to visit our Potty Spot, just in case. Make sure that, when we go back inside, my food has already been taken away. You won’t want me munching again behind your back when you’re busy on Facebook and If I do, then I’ll refill the tummy we’ve just emptied outside!

I promise to let you know whenever I need to go out using these clear signals: whining, circling, or scratching the door. Thank you for paying close attention.

I can’t wait for our stress-free housebreaking adventures together! I know we’ll be best friends for life!


Your new puppy

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