Kitten Food: What, When, and How Much

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Healthy food for better mood

Being the owner of a kitten is not as easy as it may seem. You are fully responsible for this little creature and should do everything possible to create the best environment for it throughout its life. Food is one of the keys to proper development for your pet, as it should contain all of the required healthy nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins. Nowadays, kitten food comes in a variety of forms and substances, so it’s not a problem to choose, but you should still consider all of the individual requirements of your animal.

Best Kitten Food

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The saying, “you are what you eat,” applies not only to humans but cats as well, especially kittens. It is a prime factor for them that can lead to longevity, good fur, active behavior, and proper heath. Kitten food should be of high quality, because only then can it ensure strong bones, healthy muscles, and a sparkling coat.

Nowadays, it’s not a problem to choose the food for your pet. It can be dry, canned, and even raw – everything depends on you as an owner. In order to understand which kind of food is the best, we will tell you a little bit about each type of nutrition.

feeding your pet only dry food can eliminate its chances of getting proper nutrition

Dry food is very popular among kitten owners. It’s convenient, easy to buy and use, and it doesn’t require you to prepare anything; You just unpack it and pour the food into your pet’s bowl.

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For many, dry food is a key ingredient in the nutrition of cats because it won’t spoil quickly and can be preserved for quite a long time (not to mention the fact that a lot of kittens really like the crunching sound it makes while they’re eating it). At the same time, feeding your pet only dry food can eliminate its chances of getting proper nutrition. If you read the ingredients, you’ll see that it has various carbohydrates, including corn (or maize). Sometimes it’s really difficult to see the exact listing because it’s often split, which makes it difficult to understand the percentage of carbohydrates in relation to the protein. You should know that cats in the wild do not eat many grains, and the same goes for your kitten.

Such a diet will positively influence the bladder and kidneys, due to its high content of water, and your kitten will digest it without any problems.

Canned food is another option for your kitten. It’s not a secret that cats are carnivorous creatures, so meat should be their main ingredient. Canned food will cost you a bit more than dry food, but it is more beneficial for your feline friend. It imitates the natural diet of these animals, and it’s convenient and quite easy for those living in big cities. This food is rich on proteins and contains fewer carbohydrates in comparison to dry food, so your kitten will be much healthier with it. Such a diet will positively influence the bladder and kidneys, due to its high content of water, and your kitten will digest it without any problems (break down the myths about kitten food with WebMd)

many find that it’s quite a difficult and not-so-convenient feeding routine

You can also choose raw diet for your pet. It has become quite trendy in recent times, because it imitates the natural diet of these animals, but you should also consider the individual requirements of your kitten as this type of nutrition is not for everyone. It is an incredible and excellent choice to feed your pet with raw meal because it contains the healthiest nutrients and vitamins necessary for your kitten. However, many find that it’s quite a difficult and not-so-convenient feeding routine, so it’s the least popular method.

What to Feed Kittens

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In spite of being such a lovely creature, your kitten needs meat. Avoid added sugars, salt, too many carbohydrates, and added colors. Unfortunately, all of these things can be found in the food you buy at the supermarket, so be attentive with it. It’s important for you to read the list of ingredients on the package. Your kitten is a little creature with special needs, so choosing the best diet for it is quite essential. If you are not sure about something, you may consult your veterinarian for help. To feed your kitten, you can choose diced lamb meat, boiled chicken, and fish, which should always be fresh. However, you should not give too much meat to your kitten until it is 20 weeks of age.

How Much to Feed a Kitten

What you feed your kitten is significant, but how much you feed them is also vital. Giving it too much of something can negatively influence its heath. The right amount of food is an essential factor for having a strong and healthy pet. In order to define the proper intervals between food and its amount, it’s best to weigh your pet. Do it every now and then so you can adjust his food to his current weight.

pay attention to the individual needs of your feline friend

In the beginning, it’s beneficial to feed a kitten 4-5 times a day. At the age of 6 months, you may start feeding your kitten thrice a day. After 1 year, it’s best to give them a meal only 2 times per day. Such a diet can continue for the rest of their life. However, do not solely stick to what is written on the package; pay attention to the individual needs of your feline friend.Cat is asking for some foodTips and Tricks

It’s wonderful having a kitten. It’s a period filled with fun and entertainment. The following tips will help you to understand and get through this period much easier.

  • Little Bowlskittens are more likely to face obesity problems. Kittens attackTo avoid this, it would be great to use little bowls for them. In this case, you have to fill less meal into it. Isn’t that great?

  • Try New – the tastes of your kitten are developed and established at the very first months of its life. You are free to give him various meals and see what he likes best of all. Such a variety will be very beneficial to your pet.

  • Treat Healthy – the problem with cat owners who love their pets too much is giving them more and more food. Extra weight is bad for them and may lead to hypertension, diabetes, and various types of cancer. Try to make some healthy snacks for your pet, such as tuna flakes. It’s healthy and nutritious at the same time! Learn more nutricition tips from the article by CVM.

  • Raw meaty bones for catsThere is lots of food to choose from for your pet, but you should consider all the preferences of your kitten and his particular needs. What’s most important is to make the diet full of love and care. A kitten is the same as a child who requires vitamins, minerals, healthy nutrients, and amino acids. Choosing the best and most high-quality food for pet will make him healthy and full of energy, which will, in return, entertain you and fill your house with fun and laughter!Treat and poison kitten foodTreat vs poison cat foodSee also: