Persian kittens

Twins persians
Dinner was good, thanks, mom.

Do you want to have a kitten? Or maybe it’s the dream of your child? This article will tell you about Persian kittens, which are one of the most amazing kittens in the world. Thousands of people from all over the world say it is really awesome to have such a creature live with them. Are you interested?

This breed is one of the most beautiful and popular in the world.

Persian kittens are so cute and charming. They are good friends for everyone and are able to make your life better.

It happens not only because of their charming appearance, but also because of their unique character, which makes people true fans of this breed. Are you intrigued? Let’s know a little bit more about these wonderful creatures.

The main peculiar feature of these kittens is a turned-up and wide nose. One more feature is short paws. However, there are kittens with long and slightly turned-up noses. This kind is called a classic Persian (see also

Character of these kittens

It is believed that this breed is one of the cutest and funniest cats. Owners say that it is a real pleasure to have such cats in their homes. A Persian kitten has a tiny and soft voice, but it doesn’t use it so often. Kittens are funny, but at the same time they don’t attract too much attention of their owners. These charming creatures like to sit near their owners in order to play and spend time in their company. Moreover, they are so domestic and can’t live outside. People say that being kittens these creatures choose one person from the family and like and pay a lot of attention to him or her. Being little, they also like to demonstrate that they are royalty, so owners need to be ready to accept such situation.

Monster cat

Persian kittens are so affectionate. They like to sleep and sit with their owners, and they hate to spend time alone. Whether it is a small kitten or a cat, this creature likes to play and have fun with you or some toys. Little kittens are like small and wonderful balls, which want to know everything and spend time with pleasure and interest. Even the tired and nervous owner will relax and receive positive emotions being with such amazing animals.

Living in the family, kittens are not afraid of children and they will always attract the attention of every member of the group. But as it was mentioned above, kittens don’t use their voices. They will just sit and look in your eyes or go everywhere with you. In spite of the fact that these kittens seem to be lazy, they like to be active and play a lot. Sometimes they like to catch some insects in the apartment.

It will be an excellent friend for little children if you have any.

Firstly, kittens are not afraid of the children, and it is a real benefit of the breed. Moreover, children will learn to be responsible and kind to others. It is a big advantage for parents and children as well (read

About feeding

The most important tip for owners is to feed the kiten correctly and regularly. Dairy produce must be included in the menu for these kittens. Sometimes it is good to give fish or meat, but it can’t be fresh. As a rule, kittens are taken to their future home when they are approximately two months old, so it is better for you to ask and take recommendations about feeding preferences. Remember, you shouldn’t change the feeding regime cardinally. People who knew and had such experiences say this period is the most difficult in the kitten’s life. Firstly, it is because the animal continues to exist without a mother, so we want you to take care of it fully and be kind and soft with the kitten for the first time. It’s so important for both for you and for little creature (more about Kitten food).

Let’s take a shower!

Bathing this kitten is important and a needed process approximately once a month. Before you start to bathe the kitten, it is smart to comb its hair. During the water treatments, you should use only special shampoos recommended by vets or your friends who have a Persian kitten as well. When everything is done, start to dry the hair and comb it again.

Persian litten after bath
Help me.

Many potential owners are afraid of the kitten’s long hair. And, of course, people are not ready to comb it so often, because it really takes too much time. It probably seems to be a strange and boring activity for beginners, but when you have a kitten, you will find time to comb it regularly and both of you will like this process. Moreover, the hair will be tidy and easy to comb, so you will have no need to do it every day.

As for claws, they should be cut once every two weeks. We recommend doing it to avoid damaged furniture and other elements of your apartment. This process is not so complicated, but it provides certain skills and love to your kitten. In this way, kittens should learn to accommodate all conditions with the help of your love and effort.

In addition, we should mention that these kittens need to be loved and taken care as any other creatures and people. Kittens of this breed are well-trained and clever. So doing everything in order, step by step, and having a lot of patience will provide a beautiful, smart, and polite member of the family. Be ready to help, teach, and do your best for this creature. Doing everything right will get you a kind and thankful creature, which will please you greatly!

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