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American Pitbull Terrier otherwise known as the American Bully is a relatively new breed that has gained tremendous popularity. It is considered to be the best starter breed for those who wish to try themselves in the business of dog breeding. In this article, we are going to speak about breeding American Bully in order to understand how complex this process is.

Building a Kennel

Investing in a proper facility before starting breeding is crucial to a successful breeding. Find a good contractor that will pour a good concrete base for future kennel. Install a roof to protect dogs from direct sunlight, rain, winds and snow. Think about the floor inside the kennel: it must be easy to clean, not to conduct excessive heat or cold. If you live in a hot or cold area, the kennel must be proved against the dominant climate. Responsible breeders aim at creating decent living conditions for dogs, to ensure their health is safe and feel very comfortable. This is why fully covered kennels with cooling or heating and special insulation are not something uncommon.

Many breeders recommend the use of Priefert or Magnum kennels which are the top two brands that also ensure that bullies won’t get loose. Do not use chain-link fencing as dogs will get loose. Spend some more funds for special quality welder powder coated kennels like those two mentioned above. Visit special construction sites to find out the particularities of building dog kennels and blueprints in order to calculate the amount of material needed for building (see also Vitaminsforpitbulls.com).

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The Bloodline and Foundation Dogs

Pedigree behind every dog is the most valuable thing. When it comes to finding “foundation” dogs that will be bred to give offspring for further breeding, you need to find special dogs – like traditional Razor Edge dogs or the Remyline bloodline, for instance. These two lines are the standard American Pitbulls. The Gottiline gives an extreme looking line in dogs. The Kurupt line produces more exotic bullies with the uncommon built and look. Once you find the style of the dog you want to breed, you need to find a breeder who will sell you some of his foundation stock. Such foundation dogs can cost much, but they can bring a litter of exceptional quality which in a matter of couple of years will not only return the money spent, but will ensure the raise in own population. When searching for foundation bullies, be sure to get detailed info on their pedigree to ensure that you get a quality line (read more Americanbullydaily.com).

A good quality foundation dog’s price starts from $2,500. Also, you may find other kennels offering puppies for 5,000 or even more, but don’t bother thinking that they are offering someone exceptional with a unique pedigree. The reality check tells that practically, all valuable dogs of great pedigrees are the same in terms of the quality of the litter they produce so there is no necessity for overpaying.

Finding a Stud Dog

The majority of Bully breeders offer the stud service which can be a good start for new breeders. Normally, you would purchase some female dogs and a stud and then, begin breeding, hoping for a great outcome. However, it’s better to get females only and once per two years to mate them with proper pedigree studs. There are several benefits that you can get from this stud service:

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  • You can mate your females with a stud from the same kennel that you took your female dogs from. Such line breeding guarantees more consistent litters.
  • You spend less money keeping only reproducing dogs.
  • You may wait up to two-three years to find out that the dog you purchased didn’t turn out to be a worthy stud.
  • One important rule to follow when buying foundation dogs: NEVER buy adult dogs! It is a rare occasion for a breeder to sell quality adult dogs that can produce litters. There is also one more thing to say: when getting a puppy for future breeding, you can train it and teach it good manners that will be seen in future litters (also see Kinnemankennels.com).

Scams When Purchasing a Puppy and How to Avoid Them

When looking for a puppy, avoid Internet at all costs as it is the global scam ad board. We don’t say that ALL ads are likely to be fraudulent, but almost 90% of them are. You should know, see and touch the thing that you are paying for, puppies are not an exception. It is very easy to protect your budget when purchasing a puppy. Follow these three simple rules:

  • Pick the puppy in person when attending the kennel. Ask about its papers – pedigree, vaccination and health certificates. If the dog is registered with the AKC, it’s a great opportunity.
  • Ask the breeder to tell more about the sire and dam; ask him to show papers on them both.
  • Never use any online payment or Western Union like systems – pay in cash, get the check or contract paper proving that the purchase was made.

Buying a puppy is done in person with comprehensive talk about the pedigree, history and health issues – all of them supported by documents!

Be a Part of the Bully Community

If you have only being breeding bullies, join the American Bully Community to get involved with the breed to know more about the breeding process as well as establish a ground for advertising your kennel in the future. Participate in American Bully Kennel Club dog shows that are held throughout the world all year round. Visit Theabkcdogs.org to learn more about the meetings.


The days of newspaper ads are numbered as the web can tell the potential customer more information on what you do and what you offer: make great videos, take tons of pics, write great texts describing your facility and you’ll have positive responses. Use such media outlets as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Bullypedia, ABKC forums and Instagram (add proper tags!) to gain popularity which automatically results in new customers. The more extreme the dog looks, the better it is sold. The best way to reproduce a dog that stands out is to breed litters that will ensure the same look – like that of their ancestors’ which can be done by line breeding only.

Line Breeding

The common way of line breeding is mating the female with its father’s brother:

  • Find a breeder who has a great stud and stud’s brother.
  • Purchase a puppy from one of the stud’s litters.
  • Purchase frozen semen from the stud’s brother.

Puppies reach their maturity at the age of two years. At this age you should begin mating/breeding using the approach described above. If you have frozen semen, you’ll have to find a veterinarian that will perform artificial insemination. Your breeding business has just begun.

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